Nourishing the Future of Plant-Based Menus

At Greenleaf, plant-based foods aren’t a fad.

For over 40 years, Lightlife® and Field Roast have been making plant-based alternative proteins made from quality ingredients. Our brands deliver a diversified and broad portfolio of plant-based proteins that range from simple solutions to inspiring special occasion offerings.

Discover our plant-based portfolio

Our brands deliver an extensive portfolio of vegetarian and vegan products that range from everyday delicious to inspiring artisanal offerings. Our unmatched category knowledge makes Greenleaf Foods your perfect partner for growing your menu and your business with plant-based dishes today’s consumers want.

Lightlife® Foods is the plant-based food movement pioneer. We’re dedicated to creating delicious and nutritious alternative proteins made with simple, recognizable ingredients. See how our vibrant plant-based products can brighten your menu.

Field Roast is passionate about creating authentic taste experiences through real food ingredients. We’re on a mission to fuel discovery, entice exploration and launch the next great taste trend with plant-based offerings crafted to bring out the bold.

Our Vision

The journey to delicious plant-based food starts with a simple seed, cultivated with care. Grown not in a lab, but in a field. Perfected by nature and nurtured to become the basis for our real foods movement. 

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A Kentucky Fried Miracle: Plant-Based KFC is Here to Stay in Canada

A Kentucky Fried Miracle: Plant-Based KFC is Here to Stay in Canada

Colonel Sanders is famous for making the world’s best tasting chicken. Born from his desire to share these legendary flavours with everyone, KFC Canada announced today that Plant-Based KFC sandwiches will be available permanently coast-to-coast beginning August 10.
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