Lightlife® Plant-Based Burger 2 each
Vegetable Oil 1 tsp.
Salt ½ tsp.
Black pepper ½ tsp.
Brioche burger buns 2 each
Aioli, vegan 2 Tbsp.
Heirloom tomato, sliced 1 each
Chao Creamy Original Slices 2 each
Balsamic onions, prepared ¼ cup
Baby spinach 1 cup


  1. Season Plant-Based Burger patties with oil, salt and pepper.
  2. On a grill or in a skillet over medium heat, cook patties for 4-5 minutes per side or until evenly brown and the internal temperature has reached 165°F.
  3. Lightly toast buns; spread aioli on each crown.
  4. Build each burger with tomatoes, Plant-Based Burger patty, Chao slice, balsamic onions and spinach.