Whole wheat tortilla 1 each
Bibb lettuce ⅔ oz.
Tempeh of the Sea, prepared ½ cup
Carrots, peeled, ribbons ½ oz.
Red onion, thinly sliced ½ oz.
Cucumber, thinly sliced ½ oz.

Tempeh of the Sea

Lightlife® Original Tempeh, steamed, chilled, shredded 6-½ Tbsp.
Vegan mayo 2 Tbsp.
Dill relish ½ Tbsp.
Celery, ¼” dice 2 Tbsp.
Dijon mustard ¾ tsp.
Fresh dill ½ tsp.
Furikake seasoning ¾ tsp.
Sea salt Pinch


  1. For the Tempeh of the Sea, steam the block of Original Tempeh for 8-10 minutes; remove and chill completely.
  2. Grate the Tempeh to approximately a 1/4" crumble like texture.
  3. Combine all remaining ingredients.
  4. To build the Wrap, place lettuce onto the middle section of the tortilla.
  5. Top lettuce with sauce, Tempeh of the Sea mixture, carrot, red onion and cucumber.
  6. Fold and roll tortilla to form a wrap; serve.